Best Online Real Estate Schools

It is very difficult to determine the best school in this time and age as many universities have emerged and produced some of the best students especially when it comes producing good Real Estate Appraisers. With the introduction of online studying in the recent past, competition from colleges and universities have become even stiffer. However, with deep and extensive research and statistics, some of the best schools can be ranked accordingly. The main aim of this article is, therefore, to bring you up to date with the latest growth in Real Estate schools and what you will really need to know about the top schools.

What are the ranking factors?

For an institution to be eligible to offer an online course in Real Estate Appraisal, there are some ranking factors that need to be observed and met. The institutions are rated on a hundred-point scale. Some of those factors are;

  • l The academic quality of the institution contributes to up to 50% of the total score. The institution must have at least 25% admission rate, at least 15% enrollment of students, the students should take 6 years to graduate and 20% of the grandaunts should be from Real Estate Degree.
  • l The institution must be also affordable. This contributes to 25% of the total score
  • l Finally, the institution should be able to provide online programming and this contributes to the remaining 25% of the total points summing up to a hundred.

What are the minimum requirements?

For an institution to be fully accredited, it must meet the following requirements;

  • l The institution must be accredited as either public, private or nonprofit institution.
  • l Should be able to provide quality online Real Estate Degree
  • l It should be able to provide full annual reports when needed to.

Having said that, we can now analyze statistics and do research and come up with a list of top Real Estate Schools as it has been discussed below;

The Santiago Canyon College 

The college provides the top most ranked Degree in Real Estate. The institution offers focused, quickly accessible and you have an option of studying online fully. It, therefore, takes a shorter time frame for you to study and have a certificate in Real Estate. Usually, you can achieve this in just a few months.

What facts should you know about the school?

  • l The institution has a system that gives good value to students with much-lowered fees for resident students
  • l The school also manages its courses by using Blackboard 9.1
  • l Finally, the institutions semesters are synchronized

The city college of San Francisco 

This is also another institution that provides good Real Estate Degree. With a graduation rate of 26%, the institution is situated in San Francisco. It is a certified university and it is also very well equipped.

What are the facts about the institution?

  • l The institution provides online programs and is passed on through the insight tear platform.
  • l The institution’s enrollment fees are much subsidized


As observed in the article above, for an institution to be fully accredited to offer an online program in real estate, there are some minimal requirements that must be met. The Santiago Canyon College is the most rated and in case you are planning on taking an online program in Real Estate, that is surely the place to visit.